Thea Bowman prides itself on engaging scholars in rigorous & robust curricula and instruction, affording students a college prep curriculum, a high-quality STEM program and a plethora of dual credit course offerings. We are working to become a world-class model for high performance urban schools preparing all students for academic success and leadership roles in a global society.

Our ultimate vision is that our scholars master key academic skills, and demonstrate strong character, as exhibited by: honesty, service to others, a superior work ethic, and a strong vision for and belief in their futures.


All students are educable and can succeed.

Education of all children takes place in many places and through the efforts of many individuals. Parents are the first teachers and classroom teachers play a most significant role.

Education takes place, however, in other places and through a variety of delivery systems. Communities and organizations play roles as educators.  The media, for good and ill, educate; computer technology and the Internet educate as well.  Museums, zoo, libraries are also educators of the young.

There is no one best way to educate all children.  Children have different learning styles and capacities and different ways of learning.

Children need schools that provide the necessary ingredients of love, respect, attention, discipline, encouragement, honesty, and good adult examples and role models.

The overall purposes of education are to provide young people with the foundation to be educated and cultured adults who can enjoy a full life, participate successfully in an economy of opportunity, and be knowledgeable, active participants in a free, democratic society.

All students have the potential for “leadership” in some area of their lives and that potential can be systematically taught and developed.

We believe that innovation simply for the sake of change or to be “different” is not only unnecessary but unsound.  Innovation that enhances the achievement of basic educational goals is appropriate. Often doing what is of perhaps old and proven success is more effective.

The study and implementation of proven “best practices” research is essential to the forward movement and success of any school.


All students will:

  • become grade proficient in reading, writing, mathematical computations, computer literacy, critical thinking/problem solving.
  • develop a sense of self-worth.
  • develop a sense of reciprocal obligation to family, school, and their community.
  • develop an appreciation for the various viewpoints, races, religions, and ethnic origins of our multicultural nation.
  • develop the knowledge, skills, work attitudes and habits which will allow them to become productive members of the American global economy.


Elementary School
Doors open at 7:25 am
Enter Door G
Class Hours
8:00 am to 3:15 pm
Middle School
Doors open at 7:25 am
Enter Door G
Class Hours
8:00 am to 3:30 pm
High School
Doors open at 7:25 am
Enter Door C
Class Hours
8:30 am to 3:45 pm