We are so excited to announce that today we are starting the Domino’s Pizza Fundraiser! All money raised will go toward school necessities 🥳

To make the fundraiser process easier, here is a video that will explain everything you need to know about the program: https://slicethepricecard.com/day1

The remaining eight videos should be watched throughout the course of the two weeks. After registering, share your child’s link via email, text, and social media! When a customer clicks on your link it will take them directly to your child’s store to purchase a card and we will send the card directly to them. Using your personalized link will ensure your child is given credit for the purchase.

Also, once you register you will have two chances to earn a $50 Amazon card! For questions, please call the hotline number: 866-252-6103 Thank you for participating and supporting our school!